Monday, December 9, 2013

Guest Pagers changing healthcare.

Guest pagers or as most of us know them restaurant pagers have been around for years to streamline the waiting areas at almost all restaurants around the world. It has not been until recent however that the healthcare industry has seen the potential for these pagers.

Many large hospital first started using pagers to hand out to surgery patient's families so they could receive immediate notification when their loved one was out of surgery or when the doctor was ready to speak to the family. As a result of the success of these pagers with the family members we are starting to see them turn up in all areas of the healthcare field.

Surgery Centers:
Patients are given pagers to alert them when staff if ready to take them to the pre-op area. Then the same pager is left with a family member so they are free to eat in the cafeteria, shop at the gift shop or just get some fresh air without the fear of missing any news about the patient. Staff is able to concentrate more on the patients and less on locating families.  Privacy standards are improved by eliminating overhead calls for the patient's family.

Doctor Offices:
Patients are given a pager at check in and told to come to a certain area when the pager goes off.  This cuts down on the time nurses have to run around finding patients as well as improves privacy and deters healthcare fraud and identity theft.

Out Patient Labs and other services:
Patients can take a pager and wait without the fear of missing their appointment or service.

Customers can browse while waiting on their prescriptions with out having their name called overhead for embarrassing questions. by: Shana Austin